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USCRI Applauds Congress for Upholding Refugee Welcome in Omnibus Bill

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Advocacy-Default-ThumbnailUSCRI applauds Congress for approving an omnibus appropriations spending with bill with no refugee policy riders. “By rejecting attempts to pause, halt or curtail the refugee resettlement program, members of Congress demonstrated their commitment to welcoming refugees. Leading up to the votes, we saw many members of Congress stand up and speak out against policy riders,” said Limon. The bill increases funding for the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), a move that USCRI hopes can be used to account for the proposed increase in Syrian refugee resettlement. Limon also commended Congress for raising funding for Social Services under ORR for the first time in years as well as increasing funding for Transitional Medical Assistance (TAMS). Congress also included $13 million to assist to foreign national victims of trafficking in the United States.  “Funding refugee resettlement and services to survivors of human trafficking upholds America’s values to offer protection to those persecuted and to stand for human rights,” said Limon.

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