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Governor Snyder emphasizes Michigan’s role in welcoming refugees and immigrants

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The Michigan Office for New Americans (MONA) hosted a luncheon honoring the recipients of the first MONA Adult ESL grant winners. Tawfik Alazem, Director of USCRI Detroit, was invited to attend in addition to special guest Governor Rick Snyder.

Governor Snyder gave remarks and congratulated all grant recipients, stating that the state is “at (its) best when we are one Michigan.” He emphasized that there is power in diversity and immigration is an incredibly opportunity for growth in Michigan. Michigan will continue to be a welcoming home for immigrants and refugees seeking better opportunities and escaping tragic circumstances.

Governor Snyder called upon Michigan residents to bridge the lack of knowledge surrounding refugee resettlement. Unhelpful rhetoric and language from the federal government can often be misleading, but according to Governor Snyder, if we work together we can bring possible solutions for resettlement to Washington.

In response to President Trump’s Executive Order blocking visas from seven countries and pausing the resettlement program, Governor Snyder says he is “going to continue to promote Michigan as a welcoming place for immigrants.”

Governor Snyder delivers remarks in solidarity with Michigan’s immigrant and refugee population

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