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Isabelle Paine Thacker of USCRI Gives Perspective on Immigration Policy in the Trump Era

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“Under the Trump administration, immigration law and policy have been at the forefront of our national consciousness. We have seen the images of attorneys on laptops clustered around the electrical outlets at airports in response to the travel bans, and videos of children pleading with authorities to allow their undocumented parents to stay in the country. But what is it like to be an attorney working to advocate on behalf of immigrants and refugees?”

Harvard student, Teresa Spinelli, recently interviewed Isabelle Paine Thacker, an attorney with USCRI’s field office in Albany, NY, for her perspective on the state of refugee advocacy and policy under the administration at present.

“Everything seems to be moving much more slowly now—people might have relief, but the resources haven’t been spent on processing the immigration applications so that people can get relief,” Says Thacker.

Read the full interview here.

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