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After nine years in a refugee camp, Somalian refugees touch down in Iowa

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A large family of eight Somalian refugees had waited nine years in a refugee camp- three of those years they had undergone intense vetting. The family had been scheduled to travel to the U.S. during President Trump’s travel ban.

The Executive Order pausing the resettlement program brought hopelessness to those still waiting to depart the camp, but thanks to a federal court decision- these refugees are able to travel.

Musa Yakub, the father of five children, stood by the baggage carousel and said, over and over, that America meant one thing to the people in the refugee camp: Freedom.

“I hope for the future,” he said. “To get my children an education, to have strong mind and be strong physically and emotionally — and to act like American people.”

“Every application is a person. It’s one more life saved,” said Carly Ross, director of the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants in Des Moines, which helped resettle Yakub’s family. “They are individuals pulled out of very difficult situations.”

Read the full article in the Des Moines Register here. 

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