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North Carolina becomes home to those who have lost their homes

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“Welcome to North Carolina,” are the first words spoken by USCRI caseworkers when they meet refugees arriving at the airport. Refugees arriving in North Carolina have undergone up to several years of intense vetting and have been living in temporary conditions for years. Upon arriving in North Carolina, these families are relieved to find a place to finally call home again.

“Meeting newcomers at the airport is very moving,” says Blake. “While they are exhausted from days of travel, they have a small light of hope. And witnessing this light grow to an entire new life is a privilege.”

USCRI North Carolina helps refugees begin their new lives by providing services such as English classes, vaccinations and employment assistance, and volunteers from Raleigh and the surrounding area donate needed items and drive refugees to appointments. There are always more ways to help, and local resettlement agencies are thrilled to have strong community support.

To read more about USCRI North Carolina in the Midtown Magazine, click here.

Photo Credit: Alex Nays, USCRI.

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