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Post-election anxiety runs deep in refugee and immigrant communities

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Refugees and immigrants across the United States share similar reactions to the election results despite the various political environments in which they live. Many remain confident in the U.S. democratic system, but worry about their friends and family members still attempting to enter the United States. Questions have arisen from refugees and immigrants who feel confused about what the implications of a new administration may be. Stacie Blake, director of advocacy for USCRI, reported that one of the questions she received from a Congolese man in North Carolina was “so when they put me in jail, will there be a number I can call?”

However, organizations assisting refugees and immigrants have received an encouraging number of volunteers after the election. For example, 115 people showed up to a volunteer orientation at the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program, a field office of USCRI in Burlington.

They say, “I have to make refugees feel welcome.”

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