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Syrian family feels welcome in Cleveland

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Syrian refugees, Shehada and Hera, were resettled by USCRI along with their seven children. After escaping horrific events in Syria, the family is happy to begin a new life and are thankful to be living in Cleveland.

“We lived in Dara, Syria,” Shehada said. “The war became too dangerous. Bullets flying, airplanes dropping bombs on houses. Too much war. We went to Jordan to get away from the war.”

Shehada is now in the process of obtaining a driver’s license, which will help him find work and provide for his family. In Jordan, where the family lived for two years, this was not possible.

“It was like being in prison. I couldn’t leave to go find work,” he said. “The food they provided ran out 20 days into the month. We had to go without food for the last 10 days. It was crowded. We were hungry. It was bad, and we weren’t treated well.”

The children are enrolled in school and learning English, and the family spoke with gratitude about how Cleveland residents offered many donations of warm winter clothes over the holidays.

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