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Syrian refugees in Erie reunited with family

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With the federal appeals court still upholding the pause on President Trump’s travel ban, refugees and travelers take advantage of a potentially short window of time to reunite with family members.

Lubna Dabbah, 12 years old, has prayed for years to be able to see her grandparents again, who fled Damascus and were living in Jordan. After the travel ban was announced, she uploaded a personal plea to President Trump on Facebook, which was shared on the International Institute of Erie’s page.

“Mr. President…please do not stop refugee resettlement, and do not destroy my dream…because we love America,” Lubna says. Out of a scale of 100, she stated her desire to see her grandparents was 1 million.

After the travel ban was revoked, the grandparents rushed to reschedule their travel, and the family eagerly awaited their arrival at the nearby airport. Lubna couldn’t wait to “hug them to death.”

The family celebrated their reunion with tears, and stated the first thing they would do as a family would be to eat an American buffet.

Watch the full CNN video here. 

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