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Syrian refugees thankful, proud to be Syrian in Michigan

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Rania Daboul is a Syrian refugee living in Michigan, who has felt hope for the first time in years. Daboul was separated from her family as her parents and brother left for the United States, while she stayed in Jordan to watch her youngest siblings. Her dreams of one day being a doctor seemed unattainable.

“There were so many times in Jordan I would call my brother and be like, it’s over — I was a really dramatic kid,” Daboul said. “The day we found out we were going to America, I was jumping on the bed the whole day because I finally was able to join my parents and brother.”

Daboul is now a sophomore in college, studying to be a doctor like her brother, and her family is united once again.

Michigan has the highest Arab population in the United States, and the second highest population of Syrians.

Tawfik Alazem, director of the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants in Detroit, said the group mostly settles refugees in Wayne and Macomb Counties — areas with large Middle-Eastern, Iraqi and Chaldean populations.

“Michigan is a welcoming state and immigration is a really great opportunity to grow our state,” Alazem said. “I truly think diversity is power. Michigan and the specifically Detroit metro area is one of the largest Middle-Eastern populations in the country.” 

Read the full article in Michigan Daily.

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