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U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants Letter to Congress for World Refugee Day

USCRI is reaching out to every member of Congress with this message on World Refugee Day. Full letter to Congress here.

“As we recognize World Refugee Day on June 20th, our community based network is asking members of Congress to:

  1. Support a Presidential Determination of at least 75,000 new refugees to the United States in 2018. Refugee admissions are part of a foreign policy strategy that makes our nation a world leader in standing for freedom and human rights. We must remain a beacon of hope for individuals and families seeking safety from persecution.
  1. Maintain stable domestic funding for the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) for refugees and other populations of concern in the U.S. Initial support enables refugees to build new lives and quickly contribute to our economy. One employment program shows 85% of clients to become self-sufficient within 180 days of arrival.
  1. Maintain robust international funding for refugees and other forcibly displaced people and for countries that host them. Resettlement is a solution for less than 1% of refugees worldwide. Both support for the uprooted and the resettled are needed.
  1. Make statements and share the stories of resettled refugees to your state and district on World Refugee Day. Newly arrived refugees and former refugees who are now U.S. citizens value freedom and love our country. Every day we hear the thanks and gratitude of refugees to the U.S. and see their success. Our Refugees Love America video series features some of their messages: http://www.rcusa.org/refugees-love-america/.

You can send your own message to your representatives using our easy online action here.

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