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Unsung Heroes Series: A Refugee Helps New Arrivals Settle In Albany

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The world continues to debate how to handle the growing international refugee crisis. When refugees do arrive, they are left to tackle the challenges associated with setting up a new life in the United States. They often need help learning English, seeking out government services, or finding a job. One organization operating out of Albany is doing the important work behind the scenes to help migrants find a foothold in their new community. In series on unsung local heros, WAMC’s Lucas Willard reports on a refugee who is dedicated to helping others.

Photo Credit: Lucas Willard/WAMC

Photo Credit: Lucas Willard/WAMC

“My name is Francis Sengabo…”

Francis Sengabo was born and grew up in Rwanda. After graduating from high school he studied economics at the University of Rwanda and ended up working for the International Red Cross distributing food and supplies to those affected by internal conflicts.

“And in 1994 after the airplane for the president was shot down and so the genocide started right away. That’s why I flew from Rwanda to Tanzania.”

Francis landed in a refugee camp in Tanzania with 400,000 other people. He said in the beginning, there was chaos. He said only those who were strong enough could get food to survive.

Read and listen to the rest of Francis’ story on WAMC here.

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