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USCRI calls upon heads of state to pledge support for refugees

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The U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI), along with 20 other refugee and immigrant civil society organizations, called upon heads of state to do more to share responsibility with countries of first asylum for refugees.

With more refugees and displaced persons than at any time since the Second World War, the international community and its member states have failed refugees. States, working closely with civil society, must do more to share responsibility with countries of first asylum for refugees, most of which are developing countries. We all must do better to end forced displacement and protracted refugee situations. USCRI and other civil society organizations call upon the heads of state gathered for the High Level Meeting to Address Large Scale of Movements of Migrants and Refugees to join us and declare a simple vision, that their governments pledge to work, individually and collectively as members of the international community, to ensure that:

(1) Every refugee can access asylum from persecution;

(2) Every refugee will be given the opportunity for a durable solution to his or her plight, to be and feel safe, welcome, and at home, without having to wait years for that solution;

(3) Every refugee, displaced person, and migrant is entitled to the same human rights as everyone else.

Responsibility sharing for refugees is in fact opportunity sharing for states, as refugees can be great contributors to their new societies, if only given the opportunity to do so.

Such a vision statement is not meant to replace any outcomes document to be agreed upon by the states, nor any global compact on refugees and migrants, but to describe the spirit behind the High Level Meeting and the context of any documents which emerge from it.

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