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USCRI Checks The Facts

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With over a century of serving the uprooted, we know a refugee situation when we see one.  And, when rhetoric needs to be challenged by the facts, we are ready.

Recently, a leading presidential candidate warned the U.S. against admitting Syrian refugees into the country, suggesting the process could be a Trojan horse for terrorists. The frontrunner in the polls said he saw “very strong, powerful men, young,” and asked, “Where are the women?”  In fact, Only 2% of the Syrian refugees admitted to the U.S. are men of military age , according to the U.S Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. Half are children and 25% are over the age of 65.  The full article in Forbes is here.

Another claim suggests the government steers Syrian refugees to states with Republican governors. That theory is not backed up by the data. And officials with groups that actually place the refugees — volunteer, nongovernmental agencies including U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants know placement decisions are based on family ties, employment and other factors, none of which include political considerations.  FactCheck.Org wanted to know more and their article is here.

One candidate claimed it took just a year for refugees to be processed.  “It can actually take almost three years. He is being optimistic,” said Lavinia Limón, the president of the advocacy group, the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. “The process for refugees is the most extensive security screening we have for visitors. It’s easier to come in as a tourist, a student, a businessman.”  The full PolitiFact article is here.


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