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USCRI Hosts “Forgotten Refugees” Report Launch

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Forgotten Refugees Panel

Mission delegates answer questions about conditions in the Shire refugee camps in Ethiopia.

On March 22, 2016, USCRI hosted a launch event for the release of our mission report, “Forgotten Refugees: Eritrean Children in Northern Ethiopia.” USCRI has a long history—nearly four decades—of working with Eritreans fleeing violence and persecution. USCRI undertook its most recent mission to Ethiopia during the first two weeks of December 2015, along with representatives from the America Team for Displaced Eritreans, the Ethiopian Community Development Council, and General Dynamics. The delegation visited the region and collected up-to-date information about Eritrean unaccompanied refugee children temporarily residing at the Endabaguna Screening and Reception Center and those children living in the Adi-Harush, Hitsats, and Mai-Aini camps (the “Shire refugee camps”).

Forgotten Refugees Lavinia & EskinderAt the launch event, USCRI President and CEO, Lavinia Limón, provided opening remarks, followed by a screening of the film Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus. The film documents the experiences of Eritreans migrating through Ethiopia and into Israel.

Delegates of the mission then led a panel discussion, providing feedback on their experience and explaining how refugee youth in the Shire camps face a daily reality of limited water, food, sanitation, education, security, and opportunity. They described a lack of hope in the camps and the need for an expanded Out-of-Camp Program in the country.

Read the full report and USCRI’s recommendations here.

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