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USCRI Joins Amicus Brief Challenging Executive Order on Refugees

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On April 21, 2017, the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) joined the HIAS and the International Rescue Committee in an amicus or “friend of the court” brief in the case of Hawaii v. Trump.

“This case tests the propriety of President Donald Trump’s Executive Order No. 13,780 (“Executive Order” or “Order”), which, among other things, temporarily suspends the entire U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (“USRAP”),” the agencies wrote in the brief. “Every day USCRI hears the gratitude of refugees resettled to the United States and sees their success as they are able to live in freedom and start a new life in America. Refugee resettlement is critical to the people USCRI serves,” USCRI stated.

The brief explains that because the agencies because the “have collectively spent more than a century developing their expertise with refugees and refugee issues, they are in a position to offer insight into the refugee application and vetting process as well as the real-world consequences of the Executive Order.” The brief highlights some of the individuals who have been impacted by this order, to show the specific ways in which “the Executive Order is causing needless and unjustifiable irreparable harm to vulnerable refugees and their families.”

The full text of the amicus brief is available here.


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