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USCRI Partners with North Carolina FC for Soccer Clinic

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About a year ago, Matt Fondy, a member of the North Carolina FC soccer team, contacted the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants in order to hold a day where the language of soccer serves as a means of integration for those who have been forced to leave their countries of origin and settle in the United States.

“I wanted to let them know that there are people here like them and that it does not matter if you speak Spanish, Farsi or Arabic, we can always play soccer. And let them know that they have friends and that they can join our community with us,” Fondy said.

His dream came true on July 16 at the Honeycut Park where they successfully hosted a soccer clinic for refugee children from countries like Mexico, Honduras, Congo, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

“I just wanted to… let these refugees know that there are people who care about them, that there are people like them and I think soccer is the perfect channel to do that,” he said.

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