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USCRI Senior VP for Global Engagement Eskinder Negash Visits Beloit College as Weissberg Chair

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USCRI Senior Vice President for Global Engagement, Eskinder Negash, served as the 2016-17 Weissberg Chair at Beloit College in April. His residency focused on the International Migration Crisis. To view the schedule of events during his residency click here.

Established in 1999 by Beloit parent Marvin Weissberg, the Weissberg Program in Human Rights prepares Beloit College students to engage critically with human rights as well as promote and defend them responsibly. To do so it draws on a network of alumni and experts to support academic and experiential learning opportunities on the Beloit College campus and beyond.

From the beginning of the program, a leading figure in human rights on the world stage has come to Beloit College for a seven to ten-day residency as Weiseeberg Chair. This individual delivers a major public address, participates in a scholarly panel lectures in classes, and interacts with students and faculty in a variety of formal and informal settings.


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