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In Vermont, Refugees Find a Welcoming Community

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Read full article at WFFF by Rachel Aargon.

Starting next week, the U.S. will commit to resettling 110,000 refugees around the word over the coming year.
Bogre the Executive Director of the Association of Africans Living in Vermont says the goal is to help refugees and new Americans rebuild a safe life. Borge said the resettlement of refugees provides a chance for people in the community and refugees alike to “learn where this person is coming from and he has some value that [they] can learn from.” He supports the President’s initiative to increase resettlement of refugees.
People from Vermont are open, it’s good, it’s open,” says Hamiese G., a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The U.S. Committee on Refugees and Immigrants has put forward a plan to the State Department to resettle an additional 450 refugees in Vermont over the next year.

You can learn more about USCRI Vermont by clicking here.


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