American Mosaic: The Story of America

For over a century we have helped add to the American Mosaic: an America shaped by the diverse cultures and unique identities of our ancestors and newcomers still today. Each mosaic piece embodies an individual story and when combined showcases a country connected by history and heritage and a unified people of beliefs and values.

This year we are celebrating the collective pieces of diversity that make up our mosaic. We are telling the remarkable stories from you, your families and friends, and new Americans. Join our community of life changers to share your story and help us write new histories for refugees and immigrants. Together, we are the American Mosaic.

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Help 5,000 new Americans rebuild their lives and add their stories to our the American Mosaic. Now more than ever they need you. Your gift helps us to connect new Americans to the services and essentials they need for a fresh start.

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Our Work Transforms Lives

USCRI plays a critical role in integrating diversity into American culture and shaping the fabric of our nation. Through various programs and services, we help those whose lives have been uprooted by war, violence, fear, and persecution start new lives in communities across the country.

300,000+ Futures

Since 1911, we’ve been turning tragedy to prosperity by paving paths to a bright future for the world’s most vulnerable people.

100 Years of New Beginnings

Rebuilding Lives

We are dedicated to restoring freedom, dignity, and independence for all. For families, children, and all survivors.

Our Work in Action

Hope Starts Here

Across America we help people get back on their feet by connecting them to essentials like jobs, education, and health.

Giving Second Chances


Join Our Community: Help Change Lives

Everyone has an immigrant story. We’re building our American Mosaic to showcase our connected roots and shared humanity. Join us. Share your photos and donate today to add stories of new Americans. Every piece matters.

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Together we will create an America we believe in.

The American Mosaic is pieced together with the stories of past and present Americans in towns and cities across the country from all walks of life. These are remarkable stories of humanity, courage, and resilience we all share. This is the story of America.

An Unforgettable Homecoming

While living in a Kenyan refugee camp, Justin found an orphaned Caleb crying in the streets. Justin took Caleb under his wing and became his father. They survived two harrowing incidents that tested their family bond: once when they were forcibly separated at the camp and reunited after months of anguish and again when only Justin and his family were resettled in the US. Caleb was left behind. After waiting for more than a year, Justin and Caleb’s perseverance and USCRI’s dedication helped bring Caleb home to Albany.

A Chance at a Better Life

At 19, fear drove Angie and her infant daughter, Brickny, from their homes in Honduras, where again gang violence colored their everyday lives. They sought solace in the US. Despite a history stained with trauma, Angie and Brickny are happily resettled now in North Carolina with the help of USCRI. Angie is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to raise her daughter in a safe environment. She knows her daughter will be able to go to school without any fear of future gang persecution. And slowly but surely, they are rebuilding.
Real Stories About Real People