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The USCRI Texas Refugee Health Services program provides short-term health insurance to eligible newcomers through the Refugee Medical Assistance (RMA) program. Access to healthcare and coverage under health insurance are vital to ensuring a successful resettlement. Refugees and other eligible persons can receive up to eight months of health care coverage under RMA from the date of arrival in the U.S. or the date status was granted. USCRI works in partnership with local resettlement agencies to enroll and assist refugees as they navigate the healthcare system.


While RMA includes the same medical, dental, and pharmacy benefits as Medicaid, RMA differs from the Medicaid program. RMA provides short-term health coverage for refugees and other eligible persons. One must be ineligible for Medicaid and meet the RMA eligibility requirements to be enrolled in RMA.


To apply for RMA health benefits, please contact the local resettlement agency in your area.  If you qualify for the RMA program, you will receive a RMA Identification Card, as pictured below. Enrollees should present the RMA Identification Card when visiting a healthcare provider.


*Point Comfort Underwriters, Inc. (PCU) is the third party administrator for the RMA program managed by USCRI.


Learn more about Refugee Medical Screening.

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