Become A Landlord

Obtaining housing that is safe, sanitary, and in good condition is one of the first and most crucial steps for newly-arrived families. Our field offices are always excited to establish new connections with local landlords. By becoming a partner landlord, you will receive staff support and assistance in working with refugee and migrant populations. We are committed to ensuring tenants and landlords know their rights and responsibilities and are able to develop strong relationships.

Sonia Hehar, a landlord who owns property in Dearborn, was approached by USCRI and asked if she would be willing to rent to Syrian refugees. After meeting with the agency, Hehar and her husband decided to give it a try.

“At first I was a bit apprehensive because I usually do a credit check and ask for work history and refugees coming in don’t have any of that,” she said over the phone recently. “But just hearing all the stories on the news, I felt like I wanted to, to see how it goes and I thought it would be helpful…so far it has honestly been a great experience.”

A large Syrian family has rented Hehar’s two units in Dearborn. While she needs the help of USCRI staff’s help to communicate with the family, she said her interactions with them have been pleasant, including being served tea and chocolates when she went to the units to deal with an electricity issue. For Hehar who came to the U.S. from India when she was only 2 years old, the hospitality has evoked memories of her own family and how hard her parents worked when they first arrived 34 years ago.  Read the full story.