Hire Global Talent

Strengthened by adversity, refugees are capable, resilient, and loyal employees.
Make diversity your team’s strength.

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What our staffing experts do for free

  • Pre-screen applicants to find the most qualified workers
  • Match employers with dependable employees
  • Increase productivity by reducing staff turnover
  • Manage external factors so that employees can focus on work at work
  • Ensure that refugees have access to English classes
  • Facilitate communication between the employee and employer
  • Follow up—we won’t disappear after the placement is made

5 reasons to hire our clients


Refugees showcase a variety of employable skills. Our refugee community is composed of doctors, nurses, small business owners, farmers, construction workers, graphic designers, tailors, and more. Most refugees speak several languages. Some refugees hold Masters Degrees while others are expert farmers or gifted artisans. If you’re looking for a skilled employee, we can match you with a qualified refugee.

Work ethic & retention

Refugees who come to the United States want to regain self-sufficiency and economic stability for their families. Strengthened by their experiences, they make capable, resilient, and loyal employees.


We manage external factors so that employees can focus on work at work. Our staff provides holistic services to refugees so that child care, transportation, and other peripheral factors are resolved before the job begins.

Economic impact

Refugees are new Americans; they contribute to the nation’s economy by spending locally, living locally, and paying taxes. Hiring refugees promotes self-sufficiency while strengthening our families and community. They are hard-working, loyal employees who will improve your bottom line, while improving their own lives.

Tax incentives

Some businesses qualify for tax incentives when they hire resettled refugees. For more information, click here.