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15 Year Old Donates Toys to USCRI Detroit

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This week, our USCRI Detroit field office received a wonderful in kind donation from a 15 year old boy and his mother.

The 15 year old Ahmad Makki and his mother Ragette Jamal called USCRI to let us know that they were on their way to the office with many toys and other items in excellent shape to donate to refugee children that we serve. Upon their arrival, Ahmad informed USCRI that he is currently on his spring break from school and in his free time he loves to collect and donate toys and other items for refugee children in hopes of adding some happiness to their days. And while Ahmad was hugely generous in the items that he donated, having gifted musical intruments, an Xbox, and video gamese, he wanted to emphasize, “It’s not about the amount of things or number of hours one can volunteer, but the willingness of the community to help people in crisis regardless of wealth and ethnic divides…”

We are absolutely humbled to have received these in kind donations and it is certain that the other children who receive these gifts, who so often come here with nothing at all, will be absolutely beside themselves with joy.

Learn more about how you can donate in kind donations here.

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