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Uplifting Music to Benefit Refugees

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There are so many creative ways to help the refugees and immigrants in our global community. Donations and volunteering can come in various forms. Even music.

USCRI would like to sincerely thank Answer the Muse, a 5-member band based out of New York, for their generous ongoing donation of the sales from their song Promised Land. Answer the Muse utilizes music to promote a positive and uplifting experience for fans. In addition to a focus on providing a positive experience, the band also sings songs written about current events, including refugee issues. By spreading positivity, awareness of social issues, and touching music, Answer the Muse seeks to create positive social change which supports refugees in their search for a dignified life.

Promised Land, a soulful ballad incorporating lines from poet Emma Lazarus’ famous inscription on the Statue of Liberty, highlights the plight of refugees as they journey to a safe and dignified life, searching for freedom, peace, and security in the promised land. Powerful, soulful vocals accompany stirring flute and uilleann pipes to create a unique musical experience. You can find more information about Answer the Muse on their website and you can purchase your own copy of Promised Land here. Proceeds from song sales will be donated to USCRI’s ongoing efforts to protect and serve refugees and immigrants.

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