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Arts Feast Honors Diversity

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Refugee Immigrant Support Services of Emmaus (RISSE), who works through services offered by USCRI, recently hosted an Arts Feast fundraiser in honor of diversity.

“I participated in a human rights symposium over the summer in which students collaborated and discussed a wide variety of social justice issues, both domestic and international,” said Anna, the intern who spent so much time planning and executing the fundraiser. “I was inspired by this experience to pursue a long-term project connected to the plight of refugees within my own community.”

After networking with artists, teachers and local agencies that work with refugees, including the Albany International Center and Maxine Lautenberg from the Saratoga Immigration Coalition, a plan was conceived to celebrate the presence of a diverse and creative refugee population through music, art, food and spoken word.

Much of the artwork that was on display was from Ellen Child’s art class at the Albany International Center, as well as from children at the RISSE Center and adult refugee artists.

Those who attend the Arts Feast had an opportunity to channel their inner artist in a collaborative canvas painting.

A potluck meal was also served with donated food from Tara Kitchen, Mamoun’s Restaurant, Ali Baba, Esperanto, Falafel Den, Chontong Thai and Sunhee’s Farm and Kitchen.

Anna’s hopes for the Arts Feast: “I hope people connect around this creative project that represents the diversity and commonalities of everyone who attends.”


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