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World Refugee Day in Detroit

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On June 20th 2018, USCRI Detroit held its annual World Refugee Day Celebration. USCRI Detroit invited refugee families to a World Refugee Day lunch in celebration of their strength and resilience, and in solidarity and support. Agency staff also invited members of the community and community partners including employers, local government staff, social service partners, local and state law enforcement officers, and university program instructors.

The celebration was well received and the community partners were thankful for the chance to meet and chat with USCRI Detroit’s clients, who enjoyed sharing their culture and stories with their community. The World Refugee Day event is an opportunity to show USCRI’s appreciation to its supportive community, and to give clients an opportunity to meet with many agency partners and supporters.

Held every year on June 20th, World Refugee Day aims at commemorating the strength, perseverance and courage of refugees, who face a daunting journey to a new home. In a time when refugees are forced to flee their homes because of violence and persecution, World Refugee Day attempts to alleviate past struggles by celebrating the tenacity of refugees. The day allows for community members to come together and showcase their diversity and their uniqueness, usually through lively music, captivating dance and delicious foods.

In Detroit, the celebration highlighted the vast support network that USCRI offers for refugees. The agency staff, local government and community partners all joined together to celebrate the numerous contributions refugees have made to their new communities. USCRI Detroit offers programs like Reception and Replacement, Matching Grant, Refugee Family Strengthening workshops and Nissan Foundation’s Neighbor-to-Neighbor Project in order to ensure that every refugee gets an opportunity to adequately and successfully start over in their new home away from home.

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