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CEO Lavinia Limon one of the respondents to newest Executive Order

Yesterday, President Trump issued another Executive Order blocking visas from six countries and stopping the resettlement program for four months.

The substance of this Executive Order is more or less the same as the first Order that was blocked by federal appeals judges. However, this second Order no longer lists Iraq as one of the countries to be banned, permanent residents and previous visa holders will still be able to travel, and removes language giving preference to religious minorities.

However, the bill may still face legal challenges due to opposition from many legal and human rights organizations.

“Nothing substantive has changed,” said Lavinia Limon, who heads the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI). “It’s around the edges, right? If this had come out a month ago, we would be outraged.”

The American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU, which filed successful legal challenges against the original order, also said the revised ban “has the same fatal flaws” as the original.

“These are again, simply cosmetic changes,” said Ed Yohnka, the ACLU’s Director of Communications and Public Policy. “This is still unconstitutional, this remains a religious test to enter the United States of America. This is something fundamentally that our nation has never permitted. And we will not permit it again.”

“The only way to actually fix the Muslim ban is not to have a Muslim ban. Instead, President Trump has recommitted himself to religious discrimination, and he can expect continued disapproval from both the courts and the people,” said Omar Jadwat, director of the ACLU’s Immigrant Rights Project. “What’s more, the changes the Trump administration has made, and everything we’ve learned since the original ban rolled out, completely undermine the bogus national security justifications the president has tried to hide behind and only strengthen the case against his unconstitutional executive orders.”

Read the full article in Voice of America.

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