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USCRI Cleveland Partners with Local Police

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Karen Wishner, director of USCRI’s Cleveland field office recently attended a meeting with members of the Cleveland Police Department and other members of the community. In the discussion, the different participants talked about how the City of Cleveland is developing new policies to improve their services to the community.

In June, members of the Cleveland Division of Police held a meeting to solicit community feedback on new plans in three areas: (1) Community and problem-oriented policing, (2) Staffing, and (3) Recruitment and Hiring. This recent meeting solidified the community’s continuous efforts to support its goal of promoting and strengthening partnerships within the community. This way, members of the community engage constructively with each other, ensuring a collaborative problem-solving atmosphere and an increased community confidence.

A comprehensive staffing plan is also being developed that is consistent with the community’s mission. It allows the Cleveland Division of Police (CDP) to comply with several specific requirements. Finally, a strategic recruitment plan was also discussed and is currently being put in place to attract qualified applicants from a broad cross-section of the community.

The meeting showed a positive change to improve service by the Cleveland Division of Police to all members of the community. It is exciting that input from our USCRI Cleveland agency and from refugee communities of the area was solicited as part of the process. In the future, the community expects to see members of the Cleveland Division of Police have a better understanding of dealing with refugee communities. In the long run, USCRI Cleveland hopes former refugees will even join the police force.

USCRI Cleveland is committed to helping open doors for uprooted people. The agency takes much pride in its continuous dedication to helping the most vulnerable populations rebuild their lives in a new welcoming community. Through programs like Reception and Replacement, Matching Grant, and the Refugee Agriculture Program, USCRI Cleveland lays out the foundation for a prosperous life in a new American culture. In strengthening community partnerships, we can only hope to improve these services!

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