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Destination BTV Event, USCRI Vermont/VRRP

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“My story began before I was born.” – Noel Mukiza, Burundi

USCRI/Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program has created an unprecedented event, hosted by the Burlington International Airport. We invite you to join us on this journey; one that illuminates the essence of our humanity. Who are we? And more importantly, who do we want to become? Some stories begin before we are born.

The evening starts with a dynamic reception, brimming with food and drink from near and far, shining a spotlight on ‘The Refugee Journey,’ a USCRI/VRRP original, interactive refugee experience simulation. Immediately following the reception is the show that will teleport us into a world of performance arts, discovery and harmony. The evening will end with a dance for all, featuring a live performance by A2VT.

Our journeys are unique, yet there is a collective story that unites us as humans; embracing all diversity, all generations, through all time. The story is one of challenge, hope, dignity, purpose and love. We look forward to having you join us for Destination BTV; Experience the Journey and the Destination.

This event will be held April 13th from 7-9:30pm at the BTV Airport.

You can buy tickets for the event here.

Or donate money towards the USCRI/VRRP event here.

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