In the News / September 2017

Donation from Colgate to USCRI Central America

USCRI’s Central America office in El Salvador received a donation of 25 cases of toothpaste and 21 cases of toothbrushes from Colgate. This makes a total of 3,564 units of supplies for oral hygiene donated for those participating in our programs in El Salvador. With the help of the General Directorate of Immigration in El Salvador, part of the donation made by Colgate was distributed to returnees. This donation contributes to the work carried out by the Directorate in the reception of fellow Central American nationals.

Receiving in-kind donations is hugely beneficial for USCRI field offices. It’s a great way to make a huge impact at a small cost. But most importantly, as more and more companies continue to acknowledge their corporate social responsibility, awareness and assistance can both improve.

A huge thank you to Colgate for the generous donation!


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