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USCRI Supports Passage of the Elie Weisel Act

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Last week USCRI signed on in support of the passage of the Elie Weisel Act, which seeks to prevent atrocities and genocide.

The Elie Wiesel Act highlights the importance of preventing atrocities and genocide in the context of U.S. national security, supports the White House-led Atrocities Prevention Board that has been convened under both Presidents Obama and Trump, requires a report on U.S. government-wide efforts to prevent atrocities, and requires atrocities prevention training for Foreign Service Officers.

Within the context of national security, the Elie Weisel act supports the Atrocities Prevention Board which has convened under both Presidents Obama and Trump. The Act requires a report on U.S. government actions taken to prevent atrocities and requires that Foreign Service Officers complete training in atrocity prevention.

USCRI recently signed on to this letter to Senator Mitch McConnell – help spread by the word by sharing our letter and contacting your Senators in support of this important act!

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