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Michigan State University Extension Delivers Classes to USCRI Clients

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This past April, USCRI was delighted to have Michigan State University Extension’s program instructor Mr. Sulaiman Mansour deliver classes to USCRI Detroit’s clients. Classes were given as a part of the Eat Healthy Be Active curriculum, which is a researched/evidence based-curriculum that is aimed at an audience from 9th grade through adults. These lessons are interactive and can be tailored to specific audience needs. Topics taught to clients included stretching food dollars, food safety, label reading, physical activity, and general nutrition.

While these topics seem like common sense from an outside perspective, many of our clients are resettled from backgrounds with limited access to food, particularly an American style supermarket. Cultural differences associated with food are not limited to what we eat but also where and how we shop, and the products that are available.

Participants were very interested and excited to attend and learn from this helpful curriculum. USCRI is proud to offer its clients a number of various classes across the country like this one, as well as ESOL classes, financial literacy courses, and others.

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