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Michigan State Police Provide Refugee Trainings

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USCRI Detroit is coordinating with community partners, like the Michigan State Police, to hold workshops and trainings to promote successful refugee resettlement and integration. These trainings educate refugees on various topics such as safety, U.S. laws, traffic safety, financial literacy, healthy families,nutrition, and more.

On the 24th of October, Michigan State Police provided refugee training sessions and public safety education to clients of USCRI in Dearborn. During this particular session, Michigan State Police Trooper Austin DeClerc presented about U.S. Laws and public safety including traffic safety and also how to safely transport children in the State of Michigan. The new community members were excited and happy to attend these training sessions, and their feedback on the information they were given was extremely positive. Oftentimes we forget that things as simple as traffic safety and booster seats are not common knowledge to many who are resettled. Coming from myriads of diverse backgrounds, the systems and infrastructure we take for granted are not as common sense as they seem, making trainings like this invaluable. USCRI staff and agency Director Tawfik Alazem are very thankful to the Michigan State Police and Trooper DeClerc for their contribution. More refugee trainings with other important topics are scheduled to be provided to USCRI clients in the coming months. These trainings assist with a feeling of safety and security among the newly resettled, as well as successfully immersing them in their communities.

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