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See Trafficking in 2020: Bringing Survivors into Focus

The United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants is proud to present, “See Trafficking in 2020, Bringing Survivors into Focus.” USCRI is dedicated to addressing the needs and rights of all refugees and immigrants and works conscientiously to promote the lives and well being of migrant individuals that have survived violence, such as human trafficking. Seeing a need to promote a deeper understanding of the complexities of human trafficking and the experiences of a complete person, rather than just highlighting their trafficking event, USCRI collaborated with survivors to showcase the diverse life and complete journeys of those who experience trafficking. In this exhibit you will observe three moments in the lives of three survivors. Each color coded segment was created in partnership with each survivor and provides glimpse of what life was like for each individual before, during, and after they were trafficked. Highlighting, that human trafficking is a multifaceted issue that impacts individuals from various groups and that the lives of these capable people do not end when they leave their trafficking situations and neither should the support of our agencies or communities.

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