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A Chance to Dream Again

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On September 20th, the 2019 Presidential Determination (PD) for refugee admissions was set at 30,000 individuals, the lowest PD in the more than 40 years of refugee resettlement.  In FY 2018, a total of 22,491 refugees were admitted to the United States, less than half of the ceiling of 45,000.

Conversely, also on September 20th and across the country, USCRI Des Moines hosted its first annual fundraiser at Jasper Winery in the spirit of hope.

The evening’s main event was an original “To Dream Again” performance scripted with the real-life stories of refugees from Burma, Iraq, Congo, Ethiopia, Bhutan and Hong Kong. The performance concluded with each storyteller returning to the stage to share their dreams since arriving in the United States followed by an original song by a Congolese storyteller, “I want to learn to live again, I want to build the world before my eyes, it’s possible to dream again…”

The event would not have been possible without the generosity of 16 community sponsors, including JBS – Marshalltown, Polk County and Mercy Hospital, and our many donors, including the 130 tickets purchased by individual attendees.  We are also grateful to Jasper Winery for donating the beautiful event space.

All contributions from the event will be used to fund services provided to refugees learning to dream again in Central Iowa. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who participated in this year’s event and look forward to another event next year!

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