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USCRI Wishes Everyone a Joyous Passover

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“Passover affirms the great truth that liberty is the inalienable right of every human being.” – Morris Joseph

As Jewish people worldwide celebrate Passover, we are reminded of Exodus 22:21-22, “You shall not oppress or mistreat a stranger, for you were strangers in Egypt. Do not afflict the widow or the orphan.” Passover commemorates the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt where they lived as slaves—hence, strangers. Today people are fleeing from oppression, violence and economic hardship, seeking the same refuge sought by the ancient Israelites.

As we observe Passover with family and friends, millions of refugees and internally displaced people are languishing in refugee camps and wandering in search of freedom and a place to call home.

Passover is celebrated by eating only unleavened bread (matzoh), acknowledging the haste to flee with no time to let their bread rise. Today’s refugees arrive at the border with only what they can carry on their long, arduous and many times dangerous journey to safety.

USCRI has been serving refugees and immigrants since 1911, providing material support and advocating on behalf of uprooted people regardless of their nationalities, race, religion, ideology, or social group. USCRI is honoring America’s history as a nation of immigrants by working to transform the lives of all those who were once strangers.

USCRI wishes everyone a joyous Passover.



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