Announcements / February 2016

NEW USCRI REPORT “Forgotten Refugees: Eritrean Children in Northern Ethiopia”

USCRI’s new report is built on a long history—nearly four decades—of working with Eritreans fleeing violence and persecution.

USCRI visited Eritrea in 1997 and its neighboring country, Ethiopia in 2010. We undertook this most recent mission to Ethiopia with the America Team for Displaced Eritreans, as well as other NGOs and volunteers during the first two weeks of December 2015. The fact-finding mission was designed to find ways in which the organization can provide assistance to unaccompanied children across northern Ethiopia. The delegation visited Eritrean unaccompanied refugee children temporarily residing at and registered with the Endabaguna Screening and Reception Center and those children living in the Adi-Harush, Hitsats, and Mai-Aini camps (the “Shire refugee camps”). In addition, the delegation met with officials from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Ethiopia (“UNHCREthiopia”), various NGOs, and the Ethiopian government (“GoE”). This report details the delegation’s findings and presents USCRI’s recommendations.




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