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USCRI Expresses Concern for Yemenis Not Protected by Extension of Temporary Protected Status

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USCRI Expresses Concern for Yemenis Not Protected by Extension of Temporary Protected Status

For Immediate Release:
July 12, 2018

Stacie Blake | 703.310.1166

ARLINGTON, VA – The U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) is concerned the Administration has decided against re-designating Yemen as a nation with Temporary Protected Status (TPS). USCRI urges the Administration to reconsider and for Congress to pass legislation that grants all TPS holders a permanent solution.

“USCRI understands that many Yemenis welcome the eighteen-month extension of TPS announced by the Department of Homeland Security.  However, we are concerned that over 1000 Yemenis who arrived after January 2017 and those who may arrive in the future are not protected,” said Eskinder Negash, President/Chief Executive Officer for USCRI.

Yemen is facing a deadly civil war that began in 2015. More than two million people are internally displaced in Yemen, and famine threatens with over 17 million people who are food insecure and the United Nations anticipating these numbers could double by the end of 2018. More than 130 children die every day in Yemen from hunger and disease.  The situation is so desperate that in their despair, Yemeni refugees are fleeing to Somalia to find protection.

“Yemeni TPS holders are law abiding and contributing members of our communities who live, work and pay taxes for the privilege to live legally and safely in the United States,” said Mr. Negash.

USCRI strongly urges immediate action by Congress to protect all TPS holders, keep families together and provide meaningful humanitarian legal alternatives.

For over 100 years, USCRI has protected the rights and addressed the needs of persons in forced or voluntary migration worldwide and supported their transition to a dignified life.


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