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You Belong Here

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Please join us in launching our You Belong Here campaign. This year, to counter the current climate of suspicion and fear, USCRI is determined to lift up this vulnerable people with a simple message:

You don’t have to be born here to belong here. You belong here.  

In the last two years, refugees and immigrants have faced increasing negative rhetoric in the media and in U.S. policy. They have been branded as dangerous threats, job-stealers, and hostile others. They are seen as unworthy of help or protection. These views, however, run counter to our most cherished beliefs as a nation, and do not reflect the fundamental values we have long held dear. Refugees and immigrants have always been an important part of communities.

They are our neighbors, our families, our friends. They are us.

The U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants is committed to accepting the uprooted with open arms and will continue to do so unceasingly. USCRI will continue to welcome them into their new homes and reunite them with loved-ones, restoring dignity and rebuilding lives now and into the future.

In the last year, USCRI has:

  • welcomed 4,359 refugee arrivals;
  • restored hope to 903 survivors of trafficking;
  • provided 1,629 children with safety and security;
  • delivered legal assistance to 1,627 clients in need; and
  • created endless opportunities for the world’s most vulnerable.

But we could not have done this alone.

By supporting our work, you are joining us in reaffirming this powerful message. Every gift helps us to plan for longer and more sustained impact in the lives of those we serve. Learn more about how you can support our cause here or give a gift today.

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