NRPP Program

The Nauru and Papua New Guinea (NRPP) Program is a national program funded by the Office of Home Affairs of Australia to provide enhanced case management to refugees arriving in the United States from Nauru, Papua New Guinea, and the Australian mainland.

The program began January 1, 2020 and will continue until June 30, 2023

Q: Who is eligible for this program?
A: Refugees in the United States who have a refugee travel document with a case number starting with NR-100…, PP-100…, or AS-900…, are eligible for assistance through this program.

Q: What help can NRPP provide?
A: NRPP helps participants achieve goals toward long-term stability and upward mobility. Participants are connected to a case manager, encouraged to set goals, and supported in reaching their goals. Financial assistance is available to support achievement of goals.

Some ways NRPP has helped existing participants are:

  • Securing safe, affordable housing and paying move-in costs
  • Enrolling in CDL training and assistance toward training fees
  • Treating dental problems
  • Connecting with community members and accessing local resources
  • Career mapping and enrolling in college

Refugee Travel Document


    Do you have a concern about the NRPP program or an idea about how we can make the program better? We’d like to know about it! Please provide the below information so your concern can be addressed or your suggestion considered:

    We recommend this link for participants who need extensive dental treatment to purchase a dental savings plan before starting treatment. Your case manager and dentist can advise you on purchasing a savings plan, and NRPP can pay the plan cost. Buying a dental savings plan can reduce your total bill and help NRPP financial assistance cover more treatment.

    Being connected to the community matters! Enter your name, contact information, and language here to see the contact information of fellow NRPP members who have shared their information!