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General immigration services

We pave the way to equal opportunity and justice for refugees, immigrants, and their families. Our attorneys in Albany, NY and Raleigh, NC assist families by defending their rights, promoting self-sufficiency, and forging community partnerships.  With our help, refugees and immigrants are able to begin their lives in the United States with a sense of security and with the knowledge that their families are protected and respected.

Our immigration services programs in Albany, NY and Raleigh, NC offer low-cost legal services, including:

  • Family-Based Immigration Petitions
  • Green Card Applications
  • Citizenship Applications
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
  • Temporary Protected Status (TPS)
  • T Visa (victims of human trafficking)
  • U Visa (victims of crime)
  • Work Permit Applications
  • Removal Defense
  • Other immigration services

Please contact your local organization with specific questions regarding your situation.

Legal services for unaccompanied migrating children

U.S. Border Patrol reported that more than 108,000 unaccompanied immigrant children have been apprehended after crossing the U.S. border since October 2013. These children – primarily from Central and South America, but also from China and Africa – are often fleeing domestic abuse, parental neglect, abandonment, trafficking, and/or gang violence. Without adequate legal representation, many of these children are unable to make effective claims for asylum, trafficking protection, Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, or other immigration benefits for which they may be eligible. Our goal is to ensure that these children receive the proper immigration services they deserve.

USCRI headquarters, Arlington, VA

In 2005, we launched the Immigrant Children’s Legal Program (ICLP) to help unaccompanied children in immigration court proceedings obtain legal representation.  ICLP recruits and mentors pro bono attorneys representing immigrant children facing deportation. ICLP has matched hundreds of children with attorneys nationwide. Currently, ICLP has a network of pro bono attorneys that extends to more than 30 states.

USCRI North Carolina

USCRI North Carolina’s Legal Program for Unaccompanied Children provides pro bono representation to unaccompanied immigrant children who are in deportation proceedings.  Attorneys help children seek Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, Asylum, T visas (victim of human trafficking), U Visas (victim of crimes), and other forms of immigration relief.  Staff Attorneys also recruit, train, and mentor pro bono attorneys.

Refer a child for legal services

Refer a Child

Become a pro bono attorney

If you would like to serve as a pro bono attorney or volunteer interpreter, please follow the link to learn more about how you can make a difference in a child’s life.

Become a pro bono attorney