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Children's Services in 2023

Home Studies

In some cases, ORR refers cases to providers like USCRI to conduct a home study prior to the the child’s release from ORR care, to ensure children are released to safe environments and that sponsors are prepared to meet their needs. A home study is required in cases of children with special needs, a history of abuse or trafficking, or UCs whose sponsor appears to pose a risk to the safety of the child, and at the discretion of ORR.

Post Release Services (PRS) are follow-up case management services provided to some UCs and families who are identified by ORR as needing additional support. PRS workers from USCRI and other providers complete home visits and phone calls with families to:

  • Ensure child safety
  • Promote placement stability
  • Provide education to facilitate UCs’ successful integration into the community, and
  • Connect families to needed resources in their community including school, medical, mental health, legal, and other services. 

Children Served

The majority of unaccompanied children (UCs) migrate to the U.S. from the Central American countries of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Many children leave their countries of origin to escape violence, flee poverty, or reunite with their parents or other family members in the United States. They often undertake dangerous journeys over thousands of miles to arrive to safety in the U.S.



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