USCRI Honduras

USCRI Honduras

Based on our programming in El Salvador assisting youth returnees since 2016, USCRI recognized the need for reintegration services in other Central American countries that have similar migration trends. As such, the Livelihoods program in Honduras, set to launch in 2023, provides training and employment opportunities for youth returnees between the ages of 16-25, giving them the tools to re-establish their lives in their home country. The program focuses on alternatives to repeated migration through sustainable solutions. By providing opportunities for further education and employment, the Livelihoods program supports youth in furthering their career and contributing to economic development in their home country.

USCRI Honduras

Elena Toledo, Program Coordinator



Case Management

Youth returnees are accompanied by case managers for a five-month period, during which they are provided assistance in career development, technical training, and labor market insertion as well as referrals to education, health, and other social services.

Labor Market Insertion

Upon completion of technical training programs, or based on previous professional experience and skills, youth returnees are paired with local businesses for a three-month work placement, for which USCRI provides a half-salary scheme for the employer of the youth returnees.

Technical Training

In collaboration with local NGOs and government agencies, USCRI Honduras assesses the local market exigencies and interests of returnees before assisting them in identifying relevant training courses so that they may expand their employment opportunities by acquiring competitive skills in the job market.

Raising Awareness

USCRI Honduras conducts outreach activities to families, businesses, and government agencies in order to raise awareness about the phenomenon of youth returnees and how communities can better support them.

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