for over a century, we have
served the uprooted.

responding to devastating situations and
restoring hope & prosperity to shattered lives.

through their eyes, we see the freedom.
the opportunity. the prosperity. we see
the peace we are blessed with in America.

The compassion & conviction of
visionary pioneers

Our story began in New York in 1911 with compassionate people who believed that the American dream could offer opportunity to the hardworking and courageous. 15 million people immigrated to the United States in the first two decades of the 20th century. We were founded to provide the support services that these newcomers desperately needed to transition to a new life.

NEW YORK, 1911

Leading the charge

Recognizing the need to provide specialized services to the foreign-born, Edith Terry Bremer started the first International Institute in New York City, which was modeled on Jane Addams’ Hull House in Chicago.

Serving Survivors

Since 1911

A swiftly growing network

With demand and interest rising, our social service pioneers forged alliances between groups to create a united nationwide network. Weaving threads from a myriad of ethnic backgrounds, we strengthened the fabric of American communities.

we respond to devastating situations and restore hope and prosperity to shattered lives.

The courage to
take action

Throughout history, we have been on the ground to closely assess and monitor the human impact of international atrocities. Our work has often been a catalyst to spark reforms to short-term safety responses and to initiate long-term solutions that ensure dignity for all.

Rwandans, 1962

Sudanese, 1990

Burmese, 1994

Haitians, 2010

Vietnamese, 1979

Kosovars, 1991

Iraqis, 2003

Salvadorans, 2014

Rwandans, 1962

Vietnamese, 1979

Sudanese, 1990

Kosovars, 1991

Burmese, 1994

Iraqis, 2003

Haitians, 2010

Salvadorans, 2014

Offering insights
and solutions

We are a recognized authority from the grassroots to the grasstops. Over the years, we have shared our wisdom and produced resources for uprooted people, academics, and world leaders.

Producing essential resources

Since the 1920s, we have distributed publications on immigration developments to the press and updated the legal community on immigration laws. We have also provided each generation of new Americans with information on how to restart their lives.

  • We published the first book on U.S. Citizenship

Presidential recognition

Throughout the years, dignitaries and presidents have acknowledged the importance of our work.

Shining a light on injustice

We have run groundbreaking campaigns to expose the mistreatment of people in harm’s way. After our campaign to end refugee warehousing, we are pleased to see UNHCR exploring alternatives to camps. For 50 years, we conducted global research on humanitarian situations and developed annual World Refugee Surveys.

America is unified not by race, religion or ethnicity but by beliefs and ideals. we are Unified by the belief that “all men are created equal.”

building a culture of
diversity and prosperity

We have maintained the principle upon which we were founded – that the global family is strengthened when all of humanity is recognized. We continue to strive toward our goal of independent lives for all.

A chance to belong

We have always welcomed uprooted people. We greet them with open arms to make sure even the most vulnerable people in the world have a place to thrive.

We've been providing safe homes for over 100 years!

Building unity &
preserving diversity

We have always believed that society is enriched by cultural diversity. We have maintained our focus on preserving ethnic identity and ensuring inclusivity.

Paving paths to a future

From the start, our network has provided social and humanitarian services to create opportunities for cultural expression, civic growth, and individual prosperity.

Rallying the world’s support

We have harnessed the compassionate energy of the public and celebrity ambassadors to raise awareness and amplify the voices of the vulnerable.

Wyclef Jean performing at our 100th anniversary gala

We partnered with the UNHCR and influential Artists like Nat “King” Cole and Louis Armstrong to raise money for refugees