Call to Action: Protect Asylum

The Senate is expected to vote on a bill on Thursday May 23, 2024 that would significantly limit access to asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border. This bill has been touted as “the toughest bipartisan border bill in a generation.” The proposed changes would constitute the most anti-immigrant and anti-asylum legislation in nearly a century and would […]

Mahbouba Seraj visits USCRI Cleveland

Earlier this month, USCRI Cleveland had the honor of hosting an event with Ms. Mahbouba Seraj, a leader in advocating for women’s rights and a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. Ms. Seraj stayed behind after the evacuation of Afghanistan for a year to witness and document the Taliban’s dismantling of women’s rights. Nadeen Abusada, reporter with […]

Policy Report: Afghan Family Reunification

Two and a half years ago, the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan separated countless Afghan families. Amid a rapid and frenetic evacuation effort, thousands of Afghans boarded planes leaving the Kabul airport—but untold spouses, children, parents, siblings, and other loved ones were left behind. In the months and years since, Afghan parolees have gradually received more […]

Refugee Employment – Five Years at University Hospitals

University Hospitals has hired hundreds of USCRI Cleveland’s refugee clients over the years, training them on how to work in the kitchen and on American work culture. While many will move on from the job after a few years to proceed in a career in health care or to go back to school, some call […]

USCRI Staff Spotlight: Masady Mani

We spoke with Masady Mani, loan specialist at USCRI, to talk about her 30 years at our organization as well as her work with the Cambodian Buddhist Society in Maryland.   Mani arrived in the U.S. in 1990 from Cambodia and began working at USCRI in 1994, back when we were still known as USCR. Since […]

USCRI Detroit Winter 2023 Update

The team at USCRI Detroit has been busy this winter providing meals and gifts to our newcomer families, attending conferences and community workshops, and entering into a new program aimed to treat combat-related trauma in our Afghan clients. As temperatures in Michigan continue to fall, USCRI Detroit’s commitment to providing essential service to every client we serve stays strong. […]

International Migrants’ Day

By: Rosalind Ghafar Rogers, PhD, LMHC, Clinical Behavioral Health Subject Matter Expert with USCRI’s Refugee Health Services in Arlington, VA   December 18th marks International Migrants Day – a day to highlight the increasingly complex challenges migrants face, collectively explore and mobilize efforts to improve migrants’ circumstances, and celebrate their resilience and their important contributions. […]

In Memory of Lawrence Rosenthal

USCRI expresses our condolences to the family of Lawrence Rosenthal. Larry was a dedicated supporter of our mission and a beloved board member for 40 years. Someone once said that “A person’s greatness is not measured so much by having the fewest faults, but by having the most virtues and accomplishments.” Forty years of service […]