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Happy Endings Are New Beginnings

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Ordonez Family pictured L to R: Angel, Lesther Andres, Lesther, Wesley, Eliana, Shannon, Stephany.

The prospect of family separation is a tragic, but unfortunately not uncommon, occurrence; this is especially so with the present rise in opposition to family-based migration visas of the administration. Family-based migration is the main source of immigration to the United States and the majority of American’s today stem from relatives who benefited from this, including President Trump.

However, despite the negativity currently faced, there are stories to be told of successful resettlement surrounding family-based migration.

USCRI’s Legal Services Program in North Carolina recently welcomed Lesther, Shannon, and their family to the United States in November 2017. Lesther and Shannon sought the help of the Legal Services Program to assist them with filing a family reunification petition and consular processing for Lesther and his three older children, Angel, Stephany and Lesther Andres (Shannon’s step children). Lesther and Shannon met while Shannon was working as a missionary in Honduras.  She’s been living with Lesther and their children in Honduras for the past few years, and they have been pursuing green cards since they contracted with the USCRI-NC office in early 2016. Now, they have been reunited in the United States and while this is the first in many of their happy endings, it is also an exciting new beginning.

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