Violence in Myanmar Intensifying Humanitarian Needs

The following was written as a blog post for InterAction by USCRI policy analyst Aaron Nodjomian-Escajeda in his role as the co-chair for InterAction’s Myanmar Bangladesh Working Group.   Since October 2023, resistance forces in Myanmar have gained territorial control across different parts of Myanmar. Expanded resistance has been accompanied by increased losses for the […]

USCRI Statement on the Five Years of the Rohingya Crisis

Earlier this year, the U.S. Government formally determined that the Myanmar military régime committed genocide and crimes against humanity against ethnic Rohingya Muslims. This determination comes nearly five years after Myanmar’s military régime launched a total war that forced hundreds of thousands, including elderly, women, and children, of Muslim Rohingya from their homes and into […]

USCRI Policy – Myanmar | Putting a Light to the Overshadowed Crisis

Myanmar has the world’s longest running civil war, with decades of violence mostly isolated to border regions. Myanmar’s military, the Tatmadaw, has a long track record of committing human rights atrocities, escalating humanitarian crises, and using widespread and systematic force in an effort to control the country. Since the coup in February 2021, conflict has […]