Help USCRI NC Welcome Refugee Families to Their New Homes

By USCRI February 8, 2023

USCRI NC is recruiting new Welcome Home partners ready to roll up their sleeves and open their arms in welcome. Welcome Home partners set up the first apartment newly arrived refugees call home.

Partners can be faith communities, civic groups, neighborhood organizations, or just a group of friends. As a Welcome Home partner, you agree to fully furnish and stage an apartment for a family.

This project strives to help newly arrived refugees achieve economic security by providing furnishings and home goods.


USCRI NC staff partner with each group, providing a detailed list of required goods and coordinating move-in schedules and leasing details. Your group then collects all the furnishings from our Toolkit List which can be stored until an apartment is assigned to your group. Once the apartment is ready, you set it up for the family with the items collected.

Alternatively, depending on your access to storage space, your group can collect all the furnishings and donate them to The Green Chair Project, a non-profit that partners with USCRI. When your group has been assigned an apartment, our staff will coordinate the logistics for delivery with Green Chair for delivery and you will be ready to set up the new home for refugee families.

This is all done with oversight, training, and guidance from USCRI staff.


For more information, please feel free to view and download the USCRI NC Welcome Home Project booklet, or email for more details.

To see the difference you can make in the lives of refugees, watch this short video with Evarist and Rebecca Ngandu, Congolese refugees resettled in Raleigh in 2017.

The next refugee family is on their way to Raleigh. Be a partner in the Welcome!

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