Recovering Childhood: Access to Education & Protection for Children in Kenya’s Refugee Camps

By USCRI December 14, 2023

In August and September 2023, USCRI Policy Analyst Victoria Walker travelled to Kenya to visit both Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps and Kalobeyei Settlement to examine the experiences of refugee children in the camps and to assess their access to education and child protection services within the camps. This report presents key findings from the field visits, including the unique challenges faced by refugee girls.

This report comes at a time when, across the globe, conflicts are becoming increasingly protracted, new escalations of violence are occurring, climate disasters are more frequent, and humanitarian crises are worsening. Such realities are displacing more children than ever before and for longer periods of time. Many children are now spending their entire childhoods displaced, and for some, their entire childhoods in refugee camps.


This report presents key findings from the field visits, including the unique challenges faced by refugee girls.


Neglecting timely and sustained action risks leaving generations of children behind. Be it the children in Dadaab, Kakuma, Kalobeyei, or elsewhere around the world, the international community must keep its promises to refugee children and uphold their right to education and protection. Abandoning these obligations would come not just at far too high a cost for the futures. of these children, but that of our global community itself.


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