Staff Profile: Viktoriia Lutsenko

By USCRI March 2, 2023

USCRI is excited to welcome Viktoriia Lutsenko as our new USCRI Vermont’s newest Job Developer and Case Manager

“I work with our growing number of Ukrainian clients, helping them during their transition to a new life here in Vermont. USCRI Vermont is a very unique place. Our office in Colchester is a melting pot of different nationalities, ages, backgrounds, and I like that we can gather to bring hope and opportunities for those who need it. Everyone is deeply involved in the success of our clients and everyone is passionate about the changes we can help them make in their lives. I joined USCRI because want to help build open-minded communities to make people feel comfortable while being so far from home, and USCRI helps to connect people in so many ways.

I am Ukrainian and I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching (English and Foreign Literature) over two years of online English tutoring and then studied Information Technology for three years. Pursuing all three learning areas at the same time taught me a lot about planning and communication, which I believe are the keys to success.

Sometimes I think that work is my leisure time because I am happy when my brain is occupied. But outside of my new job I like cooking, making coffee, traveling, and going to different places throughout Vermont. I also enjoy reading non-fictional books, watching documentaries, or just doing random things for fun.”

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